#3. Neu-Becalm’d

by NeuroGenesis, Inc
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Written by: Brain Research Supplements
Date Published: 2011-06-17
Neu-Becalm'd is one of the complete brain formulations reviewed on this site. It is an amino acid approach to balanced brain chemistry which may prove to be a useful alternative for many types of people (who are suffering from ADD, ADHD, and anxiety symptoms or simply affected by modern's society numerous stress factors). The company behind this product is NeuroGenesis, started from the desire to create an amino-acid based product to naturally replenish the body's essential nutrients to restore its normal state of health.
9 / 10 stars
Neu-Becalm'd Review

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Neu-Becalm’d is one of the complete brain formulations reviewed on this site. It is an amino acid approach to balanced brain chemistry which may prove to be a useful alternative for many types of people (who are suffering from ADD, ADHD, and anxiety symptoms or simply affected by modern’s society numerous stress factors). The company behind this product is NeuroGenesis, started from the desire to create an amino-acid based product to naturally replenish the body’s essential nutrients to restore its normal state of health.

Is Neu-Becalm’d Right For You?

Neu-Becalm’d is advertised as an amino-acid approach whose primary purpose is to balance brain chemistry. This is one of the top brain supplements aiming to enhance focus that we have come across. The company behind this product is NeuroGenesis, a company that has been developing science-based formulations for over 30 years. Their line of products consists in several patented formulas commonly used in the treatment of various health issues (including conditions related to inadequate levels of neurotransmitters in the brain).

The company does not seem to be currently involved in any noteworthy legal dispute, and many consumers seem to have positively appreciated the company’s formulations. It is one of the reasons we believe NeuroGenesis to be a reliable manufacturer.

The key benefit claims for Neu-Becalm’d include high effectiveness in the treatment for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression, along with several other mental and mood disorders. The company supports its claims with many clinical studies. According to these studies, Neu-Becalm’d is “far better” in treating the above conditions than most other herbal or multivitamin supplements available on the market.

While some a huge advantage may consider the fact that the product comes with its information-packed website, other people may also see this as a disadvantage, often because of the need for concise, readily available information on the main interest points.


Ingredients of Neu-Becalm’d

Neu-Becalm’d include the following ingredients: 5-HTP, calcium, D/L-Phenylalanine, folic acid, L-Glutamine, magnesium, Vitamin B6, gelatin, cellulose, silica, and vegetable stearate.

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30 User Reviews or Add One about #3. Neu-Becalm'd

  1. 2

    If you worry and stress out easy, this can help. I have lost hours of sleep and then slept the day away before. This keeps me on top of things and keeps me calm while handling tasks and juggling school and work. It gives me energy too!

  2. 3

    Tracy Sheppard


    I take this medication to help me fight anxiety feelings I experience during very stressful periods at work. It makes me feel more energized, optimistic, and it helps me with my sleep. I am very satisfied with how it works and I haven’t experienced any side effects so far.

  3. 4

    I found out about Neu-Becalm’d from a friend of mine which has been taking it for her anxiety issues at the doctor’s specific recommendation. I was passing through a very dark period myself and was feeling very depressed. I didn’t know what to do and felt overwhelmed with the sadness. So I started taking this drug and although the progress has been slow, I managed to overcome my depression. In about six months I was completely cured and now, every time I feel under the weather for longer periods of time and cannot pull through by myself, I turn to this remedy.

  4. 5

    Paul Seymour


    Whenever I take Neu-Becalm’d I feel happier and a mental clarity I find difficult to achieve when I’m not under this treatment. As for side effects, occasionally I have some headaches, but they disappear after I take an aspirin, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

  5. 6

    I used to always have panic attacks caused by a pretty severe anxiety which I had ever since I can remember. I tried all sort of prescription-drugs but they made me feel like I wasn’t myself, dizzy and sleepy all the time. I felt like I was practically letting my life pass over me, helpless and useless. I asked my doctor if he could prescribe me something less invasive, I was willing to try anything. He told me there is an amino acid based formula called Neu-Becalm’d that was clinically researched and seemed to have good results in reducing anxiety symptoms. Although at first I didn’t feel much improvement in my overall mental health, I was patient and kept taking the pills. And I wasn’t wrong. It took over 6 months, but my anxiety level is so much lower and there are days when I feel optimistic and hopeful, and normal! Thank you Neu-Becalm’d for making me a normal person again!

  6. 7

    Daniel Clemens


    I take Neu-Becalm’d as a memory and mood booster for a couple of years now, with three months off during this period. If I hadn’t given up the treatment those three months, maybe I would have never realized how much better it makes me feel in general. Not only I have better memory skills, but I am more positive and energized, which makes me see opportunities where I only saw obstacles before. I love this supplement!

  7. 8



    This is my secret weapon against stress and anxiety. I know it does not target these specifically but all of that “balanced brain chemistry” stuff leads directly to this. It is truly one of the best meds out there. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  8. 9

    I used it to prevent a mild form of anxiety and I can say that this product done its job quite well. I have noticed an amelioration of the symptoms from the first month of treatment. Now I am all good and more balanced than I used to be.

  9. 10

    The doctor prescribed this formula to my mother in order to help with her anxiety. She is such a pain in the ass lately, but this stuff made her a little better. Hopefully it will increase the effect in time, because she started taking this product a week ago. Great deal!

  10. 11

    It helps me a lot. I’ve been having sporadic panic attacks and a permanent state of anxiety. I know I am not a serious case so I don’t like the idea of taking prescription drugs. Instead, I oped for a more safe way to help myself.

  11. 12

    This provides a lot of benefits for the money you put down. I’ve used a lot worse at this price and I’m truly intrigued by this. It has changed my mood completely over the course of two weeks, so much that I feel like another person. A better one!

  12. 13

    My anxiety has roots in the fact that I am ashamed with the way my body looks and I can;t hide that in public. I started using Neu Becalmd hoping that things will get better in time. It seems like I was right. Things are better. At least I am able to concentrate on something else until I gather the money to solve the problem with my body.

  13. 14

    I was getting angry extremely easy lately and this started to affect my work! I had to do something… My best friend recommended me Neu-Becalm’d and after only one month I am back on my feet again, being proactive and energetic as I used to be!

  14. 15

    It’s ok I guess. For me personally it’s not worth the money but my wife has real anger issues that this medicine helped a lot and I’m very grateful for this. If you don’t have real issues don’t bother, otherwise this may just be your thing.

  15. 16



    I’ve tried to maintain my calm with breathing exercises and meditation but those things were not enough for me. I still become tense and i get angry easily because of my accumulated frustration. I started taking New Becalmd and now my exercises are a lot more efficient.

  16. 17

    This supplement is great for me! I have temper issues and exhibit violent behavior when I feel threatened. I started to think this is not a good thing for me because I alienated some of my good friends this way. I used Neu-Becalmd and I gradually decreased my tension levels up to the point I could control myself accordingly.

  17. 18

    I like what this product did for me. I was never one to excel in working under pressure and I always thought that I needed assistance for everything. Myself-confidence was basically zero, but I got used to it and felt that this was simply my way of living life. Fortunately my husband thought otherwise and told me that I can do a lot better. So, with his help, I stated changing various aspects of my life. He got me Neu-Becalmd as an aid in this endeavor and it played it part nicely.

  18. 19

    Maybe my issues are to great, but I’m just as anxious after three weeks. And I don’t think I am supposed to. Maybe I need something more potent.

  19. 20

    Tobin T.


    It working for me also. I can concentrate on my daily tasks and no longer feel threatened whenever I have to participate in conversation.

  20. 21

    Christina F.


    Since I’ve started on Neu-Becalm’d I feel like my mind wanders less and I can spend more hours at the office without feeling very tired. This is like a wonder drug for me!

  21. 22

    My adolescent son was diagnosed with ADHD a few years back so his doctor recommended to first try a non-prescription medication called Neu-Becalm’d. I was desperate to help him, so I listened to his doctor and started the treatment with this medication. His state improved noticeably in the following 4-5 months, his grades went up, and now he is a normal young adult. I am very grateful to our doctor for making this possible and for giving us hope again.

  22. 23

    If I start taking this drug for ADHD, will it have any effect on my blood pressure? I have good BP and I saw this product is good for hypertension as well. Thanks!

  23. 24

    Cristina S. Draper


    I like Neu-Becalm’d because it is based on natural ingredients, including amino-acids which I know are the best form of supplementation for memory enhancing. It helps improve my mood when I feel overwhelmed by my daily tasks and stay focused better so I am also more effective. I definitely recommend it!

  24. 26

    James Thomas


    I feel good when I take this supplement but when I forget to take it I dont feel as good. I dont think its a long term solution for my stress and ADD but it worked for me at the moment.

  25. 27

    This supplement helped me out with ADD. I just feel better overall which is great for me and my family. I will keep using it and more and more, there is no reason not to.

  26. 28

    This seemed to work quite well. I have also changed my diet so think that made a lot of impact as well. I do have ADD so thats why I ordered it.

  27. 29

    my son was on this for about two weeks. during this time I didn’t notice any change and he told me that the taste was bad.

  28. 30

    this is a good product. i used it like they said and got some benfits from it. i think its better than the other herbal supps i tried. i do feel balanced like they say in the advert.

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